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  • “I absolutely adore Kim. She is wonderful at what she does and you feel like a brand new person after you come out of there. She caters to her customers wishes. She lets them lead the conversation and pretty much everything about the experience. She really cares about her patients and is a very warm, friendly, and wonderful person to be around. She is by far the best massage therapist I have ever been to and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great massage therapist who is caring, reliable, and friendly. Absolutely wonderful!” ~ Anonymous
  • ”Kim did such an amazing job! The room was so nice and so relaxing! She used just the right amount of pressure and really took her time and focused on my concerns. Highly recommend!” ~ Anonymous

From Yelp:

  • “I went to Health & Harmony because they had a Groupon special. Am I ever glad I did! My appointment was with Kim and she was amazing. It was one of the best, if not the best, massages I have ever had. (I've had a fair number of massages over the years--many different styles in different locations.) She could sense all of the areas that were especially tense and needed a lot of work. She worked my muscles, relaxing me while also getting out kinks and tension. I especially liked the work she did on my feet and shoulders. I liked the massage so much that bought a package and am going back soon for more massages!” ~ Julia M.
  • “I had a Groupon for a massage and Health & Harmony, and I'm so glad they had this special.  I've gone to another place closer to where I live, but I felt more comfortable at Health & Harmony.  Kim was friendly and the massage I received was so relaxing I nearly fell asleep!  I will probably go back, even without a Groupon!” ~ K.C.

From Facebook:

  • "Sheela is doing a wonderful job with my neck. I HIGHLY recommend her!" ~ Bob C.
  • "I am finally feeling relief. Thank you for doing such wonderful work." ~ Teri W.

From Groupon:

  • “Be ready for a wonderful, relaxing time in a beautiful decor.”
  • “Great Massage. Nice place.”
  • “Therapist is a little shy and could be a bit more outgoing, although appreciated silence during massage.”
  • “Great massage. Can't wait to go back.”
  • “I will go back”
  • “I enjoyed the expertise of all three of the women.”
  • “Thank you, I will be back.”
  • “it was awesome”
  • “Talented, hard working staff.”
  • “Friendly, accommodating, great location.”
  • "Shelia was the massage therapist and she was very good!! I would return with or without a Groupon."   
  • "Thanks - I'll be back   I feel great after my massage."
  • "Thanks very much!   Wonderful massage and helpful conversation! Rather sore muscles the next day but so much more loosened up and relaxed. Can't wait to return!"
  • "One of the best massages I've ever had. Great website too"
  • “Kim is great! I like deep tissue and boy did I get it. Nice environment in the massage room.” 
  • “I have tried a couple massage businesses over the last few years and this is already my favorite.”  
  • “It was a most wonderful experience and Kim really listened to what are my "problem" areas and worked on that area to my great satisfaction! She also didn't talk much and I love that in a Massage Therapist!! I highly recommend!”  
  • “I would recommend her to my family and friends.”  
  • “My massage was the BEST! Kim did an excellent job, but I especially loved the work she did on my back, shoulders, and neck. I've had tons of massages and this one was one of- if not THE- best I've ever had.”
  • “Thank you for taking the time to explain how to work on problem areas and showing me stretches.” 
  • “I would highly recommend Health & Harmony Massage Therapy for any and all who have any type of physical ailments or pain. I felt relief the next day and have been doing great ever since. Had upper & lower back and knee pain.” 
  • “The massage was very relaxing - almost fell asleep!” 
  • “I would highly recommend them. Great for deep tissue massage and finding problem trigger points. Helped a great deal!” 
  • “Kim is wonderful!”

We don't like to brag so, we'll let our patients do it for us... 

From Google:

  • “This place is a find! Kim gives some of the best massages I have ever had. The establishment is clean and inviting, the massage rooms are welcoming, and Kim is professional and very skilled. Prices are extremely good for the variety of services she provides.” ~ Suzanne R.
  • “Kim and Sheela are both fantastic! They do a great job of adjusting from deep pressure to get to those really nasty deep knots I get in my back and shoulders to lighter pressure where less intensity is needed. Kim has even taken the time to show me stretches and techniques I can use at home to help reduce tension and back pain. The 90 and 120 minute sessions allow for both targeted, intense therapy while still providing a full-body relaxing massage. Their location is easy to find, comfortable and safe. I'm excited to hear that they are adding a second room and increasing the evening availability!!” ~ Doris M.
  • “My experiences with both Kim and Sheela have been so very relaxing and enjoyable. The room is very comfortable, relaxing and warm! I have tried many massage therapists and they are among the best in my book. I am looking forward to many more with Health & Harmony!” ~ Saundra R.
  • “I am also a massage therapist and even though I have only been to Kim once, I would trust her with any of my clients. She is very talented and I will definately return to her office.” ~ Laura P.
  • “Kim is a skilled, responsive, warm, reliable, knowledgeable, and helpful massage therapist. Her main concern is always her patients. If she is applying too much pressure, tell her and she will adjust. (I'm a wimp!) Best massage and treatment from a massage therapist I have ever had. I highly recommend.” ~ Lindsay W.